Sunday, April 13, 2008

IIM Bangalore gd/pi experience..

Better late than never......puys here is my gd/pi experience at IIMB..
Date: 02nd april 2008..9am slot..
Venue: Kenilworth,Kolkata..

This was my best call..So,was a bit tensed bout it..Reached there at around 8:15..
I was having few probs in my college..
So,was a bit mentally disturbed......
Anyway,it was a learning experience for me.......

It was a case study..
8 ppl were present out of 9..
Got a frnd from my coll in that panel itself...

It was bout a retail shop of America which has a lot of popularity in the market..The customers completely trust the products that the retail shop offers..Recently,the company started sourcing Chinese products as the profit of the company increases coz of the outsourcing..Now,another company Costco,which manufacture toys, has been brought to the court by the American customers because they has imported Chinese toys in which an illegal paint has been used..Now,what shd the retail shop do??If it stops sourcing from China suddenly,then it might effect the relationship with China..

It was a very bad discussion..One guy was constantly speaking n not letting others speak..I tried to chip in once or twice but was cut very soon by him..He dominated the 15 mins..That is why the discussion went pathetic..
Now,the worst part is still there..We were given the papers to write down the 2 questions n the summary..Suddenly,one of the panelists pointed at me n asked me if i want to say anythin..Now,it was so DAMN UNEXPECTED that i kept quite..

I was 3rd in my panel..
So,wasnt a long wait..


Mr.Prabhu: Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (p1)
Mr.Ojha: Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (p2)
& mePI:
I was called inside the room..
me: Good morning sirs..
p1: Why were u so quiet in the gd??
me: Coz of that aggressive guy..I was cut down so many times by him etc etc..
p1: When u join IIMB,u will have aggressive guys all around..What will u do then??
me: I will learn to tackle it..But,this was my first time..
p2: Now,that we are not that aggressive,can u tell us what u wanted to say??
me: Yes sir.....said.....Then went on to say that the discussion wasnt in the proper direction n all..
p2: Ya,exactly..
p1: Tell me something bout the summer trng that u Told in details..
p1: Why **** as the most influential character??
me: said..
p2: Few questions on him..
me: Could answer..
p1: What is meant by International businees exposure??
me: said..
p1: Why is it that international business students come to India for internships??
me: All managers shd have an idea bout the business pilcies of all countries..
p1: No,they have strted coming very recently,why??
me: Sir,economic growth rate??
p1: No,somethin else..
me: Donno sir..

p1 & p2: Ok,u may go now..Thank u..
me: Thank u Sirs..

It was a feel good PI..
The way they took the PI,it was obvious that they have decided after the gd only that they wont take me..
Anyway,it lasted for 15 mins..I know that I wont get at IIMB, but I am very happy coz I have learnt a lot from this experience..

IIMB Rocks!!!!!!!!!!

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