Tuesday, March 11, 2008

IIM Lucknow gd-pi experience

Hi!!i had my gd-pi of iim lucknow on 2nd march..the reason for posting soooo late is that,it was a horrible intrvw n i really didnt feel like thinkin bout it again.....
GD: Education is what remains after one forgets what one has learnt in school.
Brief snapshot of discussion:Total number of ppl: 10..but 9 were present..
We wrote a 30 mins essay initially. After 30 mins of essay writing, the moderators finally said "start". For the first few seconds, the group was totally mum!! I spoke well..Came 4-5 times..3-4 ppl actually spoke well.. 3 ppl were told to summarise n add new points..they spoke really less..
Panel intro: Operations (p1)
Business Environment (p2)
me: (m)
I was 5th in d group..
The guy who was 4th in d group told me to enter..i enterd n the panelists said dont come in unless we say..felt like kicking that 4th person..such a misleading person..became tensed alrdy..

m: may i come in..
p1: yes..take ur seat..
m: thanks.. ..(forgot to wish them coz of d tension..what a start!!)
p2: introduce urself in 2 mins..
m: told bout my educational backgrnd,family,hobbies etc..
p2: what does ur brother do??
m: heard father n said bout father..
p2: u said u have a youngr brother??
m: oh,brother??ohh okk.....blah blah........
p2: tell me bout 2 positves of kolkata..
m: said..(1.festivals,2.growth in IT industry)
p1: favourite subject??
m: high voltage..
p1: what r d losses in d transmission line??
m: said..
p1: someone earlier said these things also..(truth was that i told him d answers..)
m: ohhhhhhhhhh..
p1: what is i^2 *r losses??
m: said..
p1: how to decrease losses??
m: said..
p1: u didnt fill d marks column properly..
m: ohhhh..but thats what i did for every IIM's..
p1: said somethin very very softly..(couldnt hear a single thing..)
Now, i started feeling d stress..
p1: why were u numb in gd??
m: (oh come on!!) i gave so many new directions to d dioscussion..i chipped in a bit late but that doesnt matter as long as u can contribute points..thats what i did..........
p1: what is d difference between potential difference n voltage??
m: said..
p1: again very softly said somethin..couldnt hear..could hear the word electrostatics once..
p1 & p2 looked at each other n said,u may go now..
m: (i didnt settle even......wait a bit,pls..)
m: ohhh okkkk..thank u.......
Now,i really donno what to make out of that experience........what i could make out is that Bye Bye IIM Lucknow.. It lasted for just 10 mins........


mansi said...

Hi,read ur experience.every person appearing for MBA interviews can relate to it.i appeared for XLRI interview this year...i can imagine those stressful 10 mins...well,keep ur fingers crossed and best of luck for the result :)

yogesh said...

Hello Somak Sir,
i read ur experience it was quite stressful i can only imagin bcos i have not appear for any interview till now but hopp soon the time will come bcos i am also preparing for the same.i have got many thing from u.thank u for that.wishing u for a brite career.