Monday, March 10, 2008

IIM Indore gd-pi experiences..

I really donno how to start this one(experience of IIM Indore intrvw)..........god knows how it went........the most strange intevw of my life perhaps...........anyway,here goes nothing..........
date:27th feb..(1.50pm slot)venue:iim cal(i didnt get a call from iimcal,its like jale pe namak ke chirak..)
gd topic: A guy named mufatsa or something is d manager of a company which is paying him well but he doesnt have d chance of being promoted because of politics going on inside d of his frnds suggest him to be a Consultant because he have those 1st he was a bit reluctant but later he thought of taking d risk..but he got discouragement from his wife bcoz her wife doesnt want to lose d kind of luxury she is getting alrdy..also he has got two kids who r school goin n also r very reputed there coz of d position held by their dad..they dont want to lose that reputation..his colleague also discouraged him saying that previously 2 guys took d same risk n,what shd he do??Brief snapshot of discussion: Discussion went very well..but i didnt have much points n gave 3-4 performance,one can say....7 person were there in d panel n unfortunately all were bout d summary,i couldnt complete it as d time given was very less....Now d real twist......they said that they will call in random order..........No prizes for guessing who was d first one..(yours truly bali ka bakra)....panel: Indian Institute of Management Indore - faculty detail (p1)
Indian Institute of Management Indore - faculty detail (p2)
p1,p2 n m(me)
m:may i come in sir?
p1 pls come in..
m:good morning sir..
p1:good morning..
p2:who is this in d picture??(what d hell??)
m:its me..
p2:where did ur moustache n beard go??
m:i shaved it..
p2:whats d proof that its u n not ur brother??
m:sir,i normally keep them but coz of intrvw,i shaved it yesterday..
p2:when will u shave again??
m:nxt intrvw n then again while joining iimindore perhaps..(laughs all around)p2:n after that??m:i will be myself......(what a start!!!!!!!)
p2:speaking bout urself,introduce urself......
m:blah blah..........
p1:name d subjects of ur final yr final sem..
m:said with a lot of effort..
p1:asked many questions on acads,i am just writing the questions..
y high voltage transmission??what losses occur in transmission system??what is corona loss??will it occur in vacuum??what shd be d distance of seperation between two conductors in a transmission line??what r d insulating materials??when can we call it high voltage??(that is above what voltage??)what is power factor?what is reactive power?Enough of grilling on acads..answered well.......
now,over to p2....
p2:u have mentioned about ibm pvt ltd..what is meant by pvt??
p2:whats public sector??
p2:name few..
m:said bout petroleum companies....
p2:is there any private petroleum company??
m:no sir!!(just after saying no,i realised my fault..)
p1:then what is reliance??
m:yes sir,sorry..
p2:what is navaratna?
p2:have u hrd bout bhel??
m:yes sir..
p2:what did u hear??
m:it conducts a very tough entrance exam..(laughs all around.)
p2:nothing else??
p2:what bout ntpc??
m power plant..
p2:what is d main problem out there??
m:raw material(not sure though..)
p2:name some windmill power plant of w.b??(dont remembr what he said..but not hydel or thermal power plant..)
p1:what does turbine do??
m:converts mechanical engg to electrical engg??
m oh sry,energy..........(laughs all around)..........
p2:r u tensed??
m:a bit sir..
p2:anyway,this is ur 2nd intrvw,right??
m:yes sir..
p2:which iim is better iimi or iimk??
m:sir,i havent researched on that..
p2:in which one did u perform well??
m:i can only comment after this intrvw is over..(diplomatic me!!!!)
p1:consider it to have ended..(oh god!!)
m:i gave my best in both n both went equal i thnk..........
p2:which one will u join??
m:its too early to decide..
p1 n p2 looked at each other..ok,u may go now..
m:thank u,sir..p1 & p2:thank u..feel free to comment!!donno how it went........but,what a start,i will remembr it foreva perhaps!!!!!!!!!! it went for 15 mins only........